Supreme Court Gives Two Big Victories for Gay Rights

Wohoo!!! This is truly awesome. I’m not gay but I fully support that whoever you love you should be allowed to marry.

This Just In

  • The Supreme Court issues two key rulings affecting same-sex marriage in the U.S.  
  • Part of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was struck down
  • The justices also cleared the way for same-sex marriages to resume in California after rejecting an appeal on the state’s Proposition 8
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[Updated at 12:12 p.m. ET] It’s the end of a busy morning of momentous rulings from the Supreme Court. We’re still working on getting analysis on and reaction to the two landmark decisions that will impact marriage between same-sex couples in the United States and we’ll bring that to you on, CNN’s mobile apps and CNN TV.

We’ll sign off this live blog now, thanks for reading. Here are links to more of the coverage we already have:

Our main story: Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage hailed as historic victory


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Hey it’s Haley! So a couple days ago I was cleaning out my room and found one of my many journals that I usually only half fill out before moving on to other, better, cooler ones. But what I write in each is what makes them different. There’s one that is blue with colorful polka dots and has a big, pink furry “H” on the front. I use that one to keep track of my community service stuff, like how long I worked, where it happened, and the cause it was helping. The one I found is what I’d like to include you guys in. It is small, has a burnt orange color, and the word “thoughts” is carved into the side of it. I used this one to mainly talk about my day, but after I did, I put a question that I had encountered that day that I didn’t think I could answer easily. So what I’m going to do is put a list of questions and I want to see if you can answer them. The first one is a little silly, but the rest are more deep and thought-provoking. 🙂 Leave your answers in the comments, please!

1. Why does a chihuahua shake even when they aren’t cold?

2. How do we achieve world peace? Can we?

3. What would you change if you could go back in time? Or would you not want to change anything?

4. Would you want to know beforehand the next bad thing that’s going to happen to you?

5. When you help someone, do you ever think, “What’s in it for me?”


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Going for the Home Run!

Hey guys, Kaylee here! I’m super excited, and have BIG news! Yesterday when I got home, I receved a letter in the mail. The letter notified me, that for the state of Florida, I had won first place [over 500 students entered for my age catagory] in a writting contest. Since I won first place, I’ll be moving on to the national contest, and recieve a $100 cash prize! I’m super excited! I told my friends and they didn’t really seem to care, but to me this is a HUGE deal Below I typed up the letter I wrote or the contest. For the contest we had to write a letter to an author, about how their book inspired us.

Dear Lauren Myracle,
I will never forget the day I started reading your series, The Winnie Years. The books captivated me with how real and down to Earth it was. The books could have literally been the story of my life with all of the names of my friends and family members disguised. From the wacky mom, to the odd sibling, weird friends, and Winnie’s day to day drama- it screamed, “This is me!” As I we t on to read the other books in your Winnie series, Thirteen really captured my attention in a way I never would’ve thought could happen.
My cousin Blake, just like Joseph, was diagnosed with leukemia. He was just five years old. When my family heard the news, we were heartbroken. I remember crying my eyes out. Blake had always been such a light to the world with unlimited energy and it was hard to picture him weak and frail in a hospital bed. I was so depressed, and thought I was helpless to do anything besides cry…until I read your book. Before I read thirteen, I had no idea about the organization known as Locks of Love. Since Blake lived in Michigan and I lived in Florida, I was trying to think of a way to help long distance, but couldn’t come up with anything. Although I knew I wouldn’t be helping Blake directly, it filled my heart with joy to know I could give someone suffering like him comfort.
So, pulling out the Winnie in me, I began to grow out my hair. After eighteen months of only getting trims, I went to finally get it cut this week. I will never forget the feeling I had seeing my braid chopped off [all fourteen inches of it!], and then shipping it off in a box to Locks of Love headquaters. My best friend since kindergarten was even there with me for moral support incase I chickened out [I really loved my long hair!]. Instead, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, or the tears of happiness in the corner of my eyes. Getting my hair cut for Locks of Love was truly one of the best experiences of my life, and I plan to grow it out again and again for Locks of Love as long as I live. I can honestly say that without your book, I would never have been able to do it. Every time I doubted my causee, I would pull your book from my shelf and be determined as ever.
Luckily, Blake is nine and in remission. Your book shoeed me not everyone is as fourtunate as me; and that I can truly get out there and make a difference. Thirteen deepened my understanding for kids with cancer. Before Thirteen, I had never read a story where one of the characters had cancer, and through Blake’s experience, I realized childhood cancer is quite common, but doesn’t get as much attention as other cancers. I think it’s important you highlighted this problem in your book and didn’t shy away from the serious mesage of it. It reminded me that in the face of trouble, we can always find a way to help. The joy I recieved from donating my hair would have never been possible without your novel. As a hopeful future author who is almost thirteen, I’d like you to know that you and your characters don’t just entertain me, they inspire me.

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Youtube Videos

Hey its me again and i wasnt really sure how or if I could post a video but Il tell you what its called so maybe you guys van watch. One is kid history. Its kinda funny. Watch the one through ten. Also type in youtube

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Jazzy here!

Hey its Jazzy and this is my first post. Well today was a fun day. I went shopping with my best friends and then had a fun rehersal after. There are so many things to do a new one is good thing. Also some advice is to never give up quiters are never winners and winners are never quiters.

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Tonight I am going to color Easter eggs and don’t worry I will make one about the clan. Yesterday I went to my friend’s grandma’s house to color Easter eggs, decorate cupcakes, and decorate lamb cake (the cake is not actually made of lamb), so technically this will be my 2nd time coloring eggs. Tomorrow I will hunt for Easter eggs that the “Easter Bunny” lays around the house. This is the first year my sister won’t be home for Easter, so were going to video chat her instead. Every year, In one of the eggs there is always a fake mouse stuffed inside since we have a cat. No chocolate in that egg! Another tradition I have for Easter is I have to hunt for a basket that has a bunch of goodies inside. It usually takes me forever to find it and my parents end up giving me hints that lead to it, guess that shows how smart I am.

I always feel like my Easter traditions are probably the same as everyone elses, which they probably are, but I still get anxious for the holiday. So, what are your Easter traditions? Are they the same as mine or is there someone out there who has a crazy, wacky tradition? Like stuffing Easter eggs with fish!

Hey Dru, I just thought you should know I am now craving a cherry icee. If only I had an icee maker in my house, that would solve all of my problems.


“May Easter bunny get you lots and lots of presents. Enjoy the season of Easter eggs and bonnet hats. Have a Happy Easter.”                                                                                       -Unknown


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A Great Day with the Clan

Hey guys! Today I learned that there is nothing better than a medium cherry icee. Well, I guess friends are pretty awesome too. (You’re welcome guys!) We went to the movie theater to see Jack the Giant Slayer. It was a really good, (and nasty, Maddie, Kaylee, Haley, you know what I’m talking about :I) but the best part was hanging out with my best friends, with the exception of a few that I really wish could have made it. It was a really good break from the drama at the softball field yesterday. Don’t ask. If whoever is reding this has a good of friends as I do, don’t take them for granted. And if you don’t I pity you.

Friendship is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.
-Muhammad Ali

Happy St.Paddys Day,

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